May 30, 2016

Blue tiles...

Nothing but blue tiles...I thought these beautiful blue subway tiles were gorgeous enough to photograph.  Where are they? In a new Starbuck's inside a Target store. Staff were concerned I was taking a picture of their menu.

Which would you prefer? Blue or white (or a combo) subway tile?  Would you consider a color rather than the classic white?

Photo by me for Monaco Interiors

February 28, 2016

February 6, 2016

Inspiration: Favorite beauty products...

I thought I would share a few of my tried and true products I don't like to be without.  You have heard a lot about Argan Oil in the press and there is no better or more pure and authentic than Josie Maran's. Face cream, face oil, body butter, creamy blush, concealer, it's all fabulous.

 Comfort Zone is an Italian company (I used to sell their products) and lucky for me, one of my very good friends works for them and gifts me with various creams and potions. This Tranquility Blend oil is delicious, smells heavenly and can be a perfume or body oil. 

 I love a great Mondavi wine, but did you know they produce a skincare line aptly titled 'Napa Valley?' I found this 'Reserve Blend Eye Cream' at Target and love the 'grape seed age protection' as the main ingredient.

Last, but not least is the best foundation, concealer, dark circle eraser I have ever found by IT Cosmetics.  A company that works with plastic surgeons has to be good right?  'Bye Bye Under Eye' is no has a blend of collagen and vitamins C and K and really works. Your skin will glow!  I have tried too many similar products that don't work. Trust me, this one will.

What are your favorites? I hope I have provided you with some inspiration to look and feel great.

Photo by me