Happy Easter and a Best of MI...

Have a great Easter Sunday!  I thought I would post this fabulous picture from a few years ago...I am loving pink this season in all forms.  Just bought a piece of pink clothing, a vest, and have a lovely pink infinity scarf. It is so indicative of Easter to me...enjoy.



Wow! A foyer is your first look when you walk into a home, kind of like a first impression when you meet someone, you notice what they are wearing.  I love that this designer chose this gorgeous pink, Benjamin Moore's Razzle Dazzle (indeed!) to greet guests - what a design statement!  Would you paint your entryway hot pink?

Not to be forgotten is the beautiful vintage NEEDLEPOINT chair - can you believe? Jonathan Berger is the designer and I am his newest fan!

(image Francesco Lagnese)

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Decorate your walls...with prints on canvas...

Decorating Your Walls With Prints On Canvas

Home decor is one of those projects that never seem to end. Just when we think every aspect is covered, a sense of inconformity arises regarding a special wall or corner. Naked spaces can be covered with paintings, prints on canvas or wall graphics, depending on the available space. While some people proudly display renowned artists’ pieces, there is a growing trend to take a personal design or photo and turn it into a custom canvas print. What may have started as an affordable decorating practice, is now a personal expression to add your ‘magic touch’ to your own space.

Here are some reasons why you should consider prints on canvas as your next wall accessory.

They fit your vision

Custom Canvas Photo Prints leave you no reason to settle for an ‘OK’ wall piece. If you have been actively involved in your home decor project, then you probably want every detail to be perfect. Whether you’ve found a design online or taken your own photo, prints on canvas is an option to display it.

They are affordable

Low in cost but high in value! A simple photo taken from your Smartphone can be much more meaningful to you than any famous painting. Quality does not have to be directly related to high prices. Make your personality show in your home decor and no one will be thinking of the bills you must have paid.

They are easy to make

There is no difficulty in getting your custom photo canvas print. All you have to do is find a high quality image or photo, choose the printing size that best suits the space you’re decorating and order it from your favorite professional printing company. Most of these companies provide image requirements in advance so customers can avoid disappointing results.

They are easy to replace

Let’s face it, even if you have spent hours looking for the best image and you think it’s absolutely perfect, you could easily get bored with it. Replacing it with new prints on canvas is not a big problem because it’s not expensive or a hard service to find.

Give it a try and jump on the DIY home decor train. The worst that can happen is that you don’t like it and put it away. But if the experiment succeeds, you will be hooked on a new printing project.

Let us know how it goes!

(both images art.com)

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