January 30, 2012

Regina/Evil Queen's office...

Welcome friends! I hope this Monday finds you all feeling good.  This week I am focusing on another interior from 'Once Upon a Time.'  This is Mayor Regina Mills aka the Evil Queen's office. In character, the Mayor is always dressed monochromatically in blacks, gray and dark purple or burgundy (played flawlessly by actress Lana Parilla). There are no colors in her wardrobe and her office is exactly the same, only with some white and red (apples) added.  I found an interesting article about the decorator Mark Lane in a Vancouver Sun article discussing the detailed set design and the challenges that go with it (link below).  The Queen/Regina is a cold and calculating woman and her no-nonsense office follows this rule too.  I included some design schemes I thought the Evil Queen would love for other rooms in her house as well.

Although this room has dark brown walls, I think Regina would love this;

Because of the obvious 'forest' reference here, Regina would feel right at home;

Wallpaper with trees continues the forest theme that Regina would love;

Her bedroom could only be black + white;

Perfect chairs for the Evil Queen;

Once Upon A Time Set Decorator Mark Lane in Regina's 'office'

A shot of the set with the fabulous Cole and Son 'Woods' wallpaper - perfect!

Another shot of the office from a different angle; notice the floor and the faux pillars;

A look into the set - notice the bowl of apples on the table - just a little pop of red for the Queen's fruit of choice.

If you haven't tuned in to this wonderful show, you should, its fabulous.  I love the detail that goes into all the sets and characters. For Mark Lane's interview go here -

(last four images here)
(other images here and here)
(top image here courtesy ABC)

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Have a superb week!

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