December 3, 2009

Obsessions anyone?

On the heels of my last post, I have to admit, I get hooked on certain books, magazines and TV that I just simply can't stop watching or reading. House Beautiful, Blogging for Bliss, Fabric Inspirations and Freestyle are just some of the things I can't stop looking at. I carry the Blogging for Bliss book around with me from room to room just in case I need to reference it! and don't even ask about 'The House of Eliott' - I have now watched the whole series on DVD 4 times since July!!

I highly recommend it - the story follows two sisters in 1920's London as they navigate the tough waters of starting their own 'haute couture' dressmaking company. It is such a timely story as the depression hits London and as women, they find it difficult to get financing. Follow the lives and loves of these two and I guarantee you will enjoy it. Are you obsessed with any TV, book or magazine? do you carry it around with you? do you need that constant visual stimulation? Do tell!

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