April 14, 2010

The Green Scene...new weekly series...

Welcome to my new weekly series, 'The Green Scene' focusing on products that are eco-friendly, green and of course, for the home. I know a lot is being written about this and 'Lonny' magazine just did a spread, but I don't see a lot written on blogs so I thought this would make a great weekly series.

I am very interested in learning about how to incorporate 'green' products and accessories into the home whether large or small. The series will highlight different products and tips you can use at an affordable price. I will also feature books, designers and stores that carry all these products.

So, to kick this off I am starting small and that goes for the room I've chosen as well! the bathroom - there is not a lot out there for the bathroom other than the obvious things like towels or showerheads, so I chose a couple of products I think are off the beaten track. First up is a wonderful little bathmat that is an absolute necessity in my book...this little beauty is made of cork and is anti fungal! what more can you ask?  It dries quickly, is non-slip and is sustainably harvested.  Small and large sizes are $24 and $42 respectively at http://www.gaiam.com/ -

The second item is a great addition to the bathroom to hang your organic towels on! this is a bamboo bath ladder that is sealed with a moisture-resistant finish, is crafted by a fair trade group and sustainably-grown.  It is also a great magazine rack. This will cost $60 at http://www.gaiam.com/. These are both chic, affordable and a great addition to your 'green' bathroom.

I hope you enjoy this series as much I enjoy doing the research for the posts! Thanks for joining me here, I love sharing the information!

(images courtesy of http://www.gaiam.com/ )


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