May 23, 2010

Sunday in the kitchen...

When I first saw this kitchen in House Beautiful last year, I thought, this is the most gorgeous kitchen - and I still think it is...the fabric is stunning, the creamy yellow cabinets, the light floor and the punches of red...aaahhh!

Designer: Jay Jeffers (Sonoma, California)
(original image for House Beautiful by James Carriere)


  1. Oh I love that floor! Wooden floor in the kitchen is not very common (here in Italy at least...) and I find it absolutely fabulous.

  2. You would have to be pretty tall to reach the upper cabinets! I think my favourite is still the blue stenciled kitchen.

  3. I agree! This is a wonderful space to stay in, especially during weekends when kids are at home and they could help cook meals. But, unfortunately, it will take me some years before I can have this, since our house can’t accommodate such a huge kitchen! Thanks for sharing anyway.

    Chase Conely