June 29, 2010

The Green Scene...Bamboo Blinds...

Taking advantage of the 'new' Domino on Brides.com, I decided to tie this in with my regular 'green' column. Since I am looking for some bamboo blinds for my living room, I have been focusing on these window treatments to add some texture and style.  (image from amazon.com)

Above and below is the New Orleans sustainable home designed by the Domino team...the bamboo blinds make a great natural addition to the home...

Here you can see the warmth and texture the bamboo adds to the room; it looks perfect against the green color of the walls - I love this house...

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(original images by Max Kim-Bee for Domino)
(first image by amazon.com)

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  1. beautiful interiors and lovely blog you have! thanks also for your sweet post :) xoxo