October 14, 2010

Swedish clogs...

Do you ever buy shoes that you are completely obsessed with? well, I have and these clogs do it for me! I bought them from here and just can't get over how completely comfortable and stylish they are. You could say they are classic, because the Scandinavians have been wearing them for years, if not centuries! I had clogs in high school but recently, some co-workers have raved about them. Well, they have been raving about them for a long time. One friend spent a week walking around Rome in clogs...and felt no pain. Now that I am working in a showroom 3 days a week, I need comfort and style. These aren't for everybody, but those who wear them know how great they are. Do you own a pair? If you do, do you love them?

Have a great Friday!

(image by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)

1 comment:

  1. Very stylish clogs! I'm sure they are very comfy!

    Have a lovely weekend!