December 20, 2010

Design tips for your home...

Country Living has been a bit of an inspiration for me this month and I wanted to share a great idea for those of you who, like me, may have a rather ugly Tempur-pedic like mattress. I have tried the dust ruffle, but it just won't stay in place because the mattress is so heavy. The ruffle ends up all mangled, so, when I saw this brilliant idea, I just can't wait to try it:

Don't neglect your mattress - why not cover it with a fitted sheet??? why didn't I think of this? What a great idea!  Now, I'm on the lookout for a blue and white sheet...

The Beekman residence again and, this time, the hallway is decorated with a large decorative glass jar filled with branches and little decorations. I know its been done before, but, I like the way it looks and seems easy to do...

The Chicago house of Lisa and Dan Tiemann is beautifully simple and I love the way Lisa took twig wreaths and spray painted them gold for a really beautiful effect.  You can do this year round or just at the holidays and you could try different colors.

How about dressing your chairs up with angel's wings? Such a creative and unique way to decorate your dining room...for more inspiration go here -

I hope you have a great week - see you here next time!

(Beekman residence images by Lucas Allen)
(Tiemann residence images by Laura Moss)

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