January 2, 2011

Its a new decade...

And time for some reorganization and projects around the house - I see a lot of bloggers have been tackling this subject. Well, here are just a couple of photos of what I need to get done. I have also discussed (with the hubby) moving some furniture around and I have been looking at the new IKEA catalog for curtain fabrics. I am anxious to change out some window treatments in the living room and master bedroom.

So, hello 2011 and let's get some work done!!

This is my bedside table in the bedroom. It was purchased in a consignment shop for about $15 and is a  bland blend of tan(ish) and cream, so I would like to give it some much-needed 'oomph!'...

This disaster was purchased from a neighbor's yard sale for $10...It probably started life as a white dresser and then someone added the blue to the drawers...but, what is up with the different handles and knobs? Most are metal but the top drawer has little porcelain knobs. This is just Shabby Don't!  I think it was supposed to be 'eclectic' but its a mess. So, I will keep you posted on this transformation! Oh, and did I tell you it will be painted orange???

In the meantime, have a great first week of 2011!

(images by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)

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  1. I've been doing a little furniture painting too It is nice to see the improvements. Look forward to seeing yours :)

  2. I can't wait to see that dresser in orange! I think it will be fabulous! :)