April 21, 2011

Fabulous Fabric Friday...Dwell Studio...

I know everyone in the blog world is very familiar with Dwell Studio's work, so I thought it would be great to highlight a bit of their fabric collection at Calico CornersDwell Studio for Robert Allen @Home Fabrics is a beautiful collection of "graphic prints and bold colors" by founder Christiane Lemieux. Her fabrics can go in any design scheme, and with so many different styles, each can lend a uniqueness to homes, offices, yachts and restaurants. For more fabrics go here.

Gate Citrine

Plush Dots Peacock

Soft Scrolls Espresso

Vintage Plumes Camel

Pyramid Birch

Sketch Jade

I've seen the Gate Citrine in magazines and blogs for awhile now, but really love the more exotic fabrics like the Vintage Plumes and Soft Scrolls Espresso. I wish I had my brown bedroom again just to add these two fabrics. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and even better weekend!

(images calicocorners.com)

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