April 9, 2011

Saturday in the kitchen...

Hello Blogland! I hope everyone here in New England is enjoying fabulous spring weather and that everyone around the world is having a fantastic weekend and enjoying the weather too. I am posting a great little kitchen that just happened to be in the 'Coastal Living' magazine that I bought about a year or so ago. I loved it so much and when I was researching a kitchen for today's post, I thought it would be perfect. I am so late posting because I had to work today and it was hectic!!! What recession?? We are soooo busy, its crazy! Its a good thing, but we need more help in the showroom.

Here is the little redesigned cottage on an island off the west coast of Florida:

BEFORE - it really needed help...


This is a 1960's kit house and was redone on a budget. Note the plywood floors that have been painted with a white satin enamel - they look so cool and modern now. The fridge is concealed in a custom-made built-in that keeps it hidden on the side. My favorite piece in the room is the groovy fireplace! My uncle actually has one in his lake house - I think these are so stylish! When I was in design school, I designed an ADA residence with a bright orange one! I couldn't resist...what do you love about this little gem??

Have a great weekend!! See you tomorrow!

(image by David Anger for Coastal Living)

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