June 27, 2011

That 70's look...

Just a couple of pix of my home...specifically my bathroom with the 70's shower curtain and mirror purchased at Target on sale for $5! The mirror is a perfect match for the curtain don' you think? I also moved my IKEA chair back to the living room under a Gray Harwell painting (Amalfi print) I purchased from Anne Harwell at Annechovie. I love the new corner now as it was messy and unattractive with bad 'Feng Shui' and just needed a clear out.  Do you have corners and places with lots of stuff that needs to get cleaned? Do it! You'll feel better!!

The mirror with the curtain in the reflection...

That 70's curtain!

I have orange and purple towels to match...

IKEA chair with Gray Harwell painting above and my repainted yellow table I did last year...for more information about Gray Harwell and Anne's paintings go here - I own several prints from Anne and just love her work.

Hope you all have a great week!! I will be taking a break next weekend and getting a change of scenery for a much needed respite for the holiday. I really can't wait to get away...what are your plans for the 4th of July?

(images by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)

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  1. I love that shower curtain......xv

  2. Sarah, I love what you've done and also your new blog banner! Thanks so much for the kind mentions and support....my Dad appreciates it as well! xo

  3. The shower curtain is fabulous! The mirror even makes it look like a framed art. Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

  4. que divertida la cortina, te invito a visitar mi blog y un saludo desde España