July 21, 2011

Fabulous fabric friday is back!...Studio Bon Textiles...

I have really missed bringing this column to you every week and just got inspired to start finding great textiles out there again!! It is super hot here in New England, so I am sitting in my bedroom, which is air conditioned, with my laptop on my...LAP! Very comfortable, so sit back and check out these gorgeous and retro prints...

Black & white...


Ric rac...

Sally...sun...I LOVE THIS!

Sally...pumpkin...AND THIS!


Love this!

Love, love, love this room...!!!

Is this phenomenal?  I love this room too...the colors and patterns...Bonnee is the talented designer behind this line and after working in advertising and interior design, Bonnee started designing fabrics and has never looked back.  Nor should she, as I think her innovative and creative style has the versatility to fit with any design aesthetic.

Any favorites? I highlighted Studio Bon a couple of years ago, so it was fun revisiting the website to see what's new. For more information and fun textiles, go here -

Thanks for joining me here - stay cool and have a great Friday!!!

(images studio bon textiles)


If you are designing a textile line and/or you would like to showcase your fabrics here, please email me and I will be happy to feature you in my column!!

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  1. soon you get to see mine!! :) happy weekend my friend :)