November 28, 2011

Top 5 bargains of the week...

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday and a much needed break from work.  Today is Cyber Monday, so I have a few little goodies from ETSY to show you. Its a little bit of a quirky selection, but, I think you will like it.  Happy shopping!!

Photographs make great gifts - from Shadetree Photography on Etsy, this lovely scene is just $16.00

From the same photographer, Debbra Obertanec, this Candy Cane photo is just $10.00

A lovely winter white wreath with fragrance from WildridgeDesign is $50.00

For the techie, an IPOD Touch Nintendo Controller deck from GeekUnique is $31.98

Finally, for the bird lover, at Unica Home, a beautiful bird feeder for just $19.95

Thanks for visiting and have a great week!!

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  1. Lovely images! It feels so much more like Christmas! Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx