January 10, 2012

Can't take my eyes off of you...

This is the HOT ticket right now and Country Living mag featured these in their last issue...and I missed the chance to buy two knit pillows at a local consignment shop. I actually went back a week later knowing they had been snapped up, but, when I spied these photos, it made me say aaahhhhh, love this! Go ahead, have a stare...or two...so soothing...

White, white, white

Pillow on the lower right...almost bought two of these, didn't and regret it.

Clever idea...

This bedspread is FABULOUS! Does anyone else want to do a total redesign of their bedroom like this??

(images by Lara Robby + Don Freeman for Country Living)

(last two images go here to see my white board on Pinterest)

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  1. My favorites are the baskets, pillows, and beadspread......

  2. How fabulous! Each one is just lovely and very functional at the same time. Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx