January 14, 2012

Saturday in the kitchen...

It is going to be freezing cold here tonight, so we are hunkering down.  This is a lovely kitchen designed by Andrea Schroder, the wife of actor Rick Schroder, who appeared in the second season of Design Star.  I was pulling for her to win, but, she missed her family too much and was homesick. I found these on her portfolio, so if you want to look at more go here -

Tastefully done in simple whites...love it!! And the farmhouse sink of course...

Gorgeous shelf...

(images andreadschroder.com)

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  1. Just lovely! I used to have a huge crush on "Ricky" Schroeder in the days of Silver Spoons. Thanks for your sweet comment and all of your support, Sarah. Have a great weekend! xo

  2. Beautiful!!! I like her on Design Star also. I would be afraid to have this much open shelving in a kitchen. It would probably be an epic battle with my hubby over what to display. I'm afraid he would want to show off his beer stein collection or dig up his college shot glasses:)

  3. LOL Carrie!! I would say, take a shelf in the man cave, not in my kitchen!!