January 22, 2012

Snow white's decor...

In honor of 'Once Upon a Time's' new season, I thought I would run this post I did last year about Snow White's home - enjoy!

I have just posted on my other blog DesignLife about mixing textures in the bed and bath using metals, brick and glass. Since I am now hooked on the show 'Once Upon a Time,' I love that Mary Margaret/Snow White's apartment is very organic and shabby chic. Brick walls, woods, metals, glass and an old rotary phone suit the two sides of Mary/Snow's demure/tough personality. As Snow White she battled trolls and saved Prince Charming's life. As school teacher Mary Margaret, she cried over David/Charming choosing his wife Catherine over her. Since she lives on the run in the woods in the fairy tale world, her modern day digs reflect that tough sensibility in the mix of organic and woody textures. Her sensitive and romantic side shows in the soothing, all white shabby decor.  'Once' has fantastic set decoration that really reflects each character's personality.  These pics reminded me of Snow/Mary's shabby yet oh-so-chic living quarters:

Thank you for your support, comments and following...I appreciate it!! Have a great rest of the weekend and week ahead!! 

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  1. I like the contrast of the rustic old brick wall behind those vessel sinks and sleek cabinets beneath! A good blend of old world and contemporary designs

  2. That teal bathroom is gorgeous, and one of my favourite bedrooms has an exposed brick wall. So pretty and rustic!

    By the way Sarah I tagged you in a game of tag if you'd like to play. Would be nice to learn more about you :) http://mydesignethos.blogspot.com/2012/01/ive-been-taggeda-little-about-me.html

  3. I haven't heard of the show before but it sounds great. Loving all these exposed brick walls.