February 7, 2012

Gotta have these...

Check out these items on my list this week - a kitchen faucet, a beautiful watercolor and a very stylish handbag. Have a great week!

The Gerber Daylene kitchen faucet: stunning in person - I LOVE it!  It is $263.34-

I fell in love with this artist's fabulous watercolors of cities, fashion and actors - visit here for Jessica Durrant's Etsy shop -this painting is just $25.00 -

This is a mint green doctor's bag from Topshop and I love its stylish shape and color - it is $76.00 and you can find it here

(images gerberonline.com, etsy.com, topshop.com)

Thank you for stopping by! See you soon!


  1. Ha ha..good eye :) I'm working on the faucet as we speak! x

  2. What a gorgeous bag! Enjoy the beautiful weekend, Kellie xx