January 4, 2013

Best of MI...Traveling in style indeed...

Happy Weekend bloggers! Well, I have to go to work tomorrow for inventory so I will not have a full day off...but, this cold weather here in downeast Maine has me dreaming of warm climates and sandy beaches or European cities, I'm not picky!   Please join me for another post from my 'Best of' series about traveling and looking oh-so-stylish. I would LOVE to look this chic all the time...oh well, a little dreaming is ok right? 

Best of MI from April 2012:

Well, I was supposed to be in London this week but got a cold and was unable to fly. I won't bore you with the details, but, I have had four ear operations and flying with any congestion is just not possible. So, I was thinking...a long time ago I lived in Great Britain and flying back home regularly introduced me to looking more like a grown up rather than a student, since I was a few years out of college: looking great while making the skip across the pond. I used to make a real effort because I didn't want to look like a typical American in a nylon jogging suit that made a loud swishing sound when walking. I was determined to stand out from the crowd. I remember one outfit of leggings, a beautiful pair of brown boots and my mother's big brown faux fur coat. I thought I looked pretty good and I probably did!! It was better than sweats...so, from my favorite pin board take a look at these:

OMG, who wouldn't want these gorgeous bags to fly with???

I would love to step off the plane wearing this, preferably on the tarmac 
where the paparazzi are waiting...;-)

Yes, I will take those sunglasses and I want my hair like that too...

Ok, Kelly Ripa doppelganger (I think)...but the pearls and glasses make the
statement...hello love, I'm here...

I would like to carry this bag on the plane with me, but, with white gloves on too...

I secretly wish I could dress like its the 1950's all the time...I would love
to wear this for travel...or to work...

Back to reality...I love this chic and colorful outfit and it 
would look right in London...

Or polka dots...I would love to wear this while pulling my 
suitcase behind me at Heathrow...

The more casual travel look, but still paparazzi-effective with the scarf...

This looks so comfortable - the bag isn't too big,
the leopard scarf, Birkin like bag and smile just 
screams 'I'm cool' -

Now, my grandparents used to drive one hour home from their lake house and 
would dress up - suit, tie, dress, patent handbag...the works.  They might
stop for dinner and run into people they knew. But, full disclosure, my grandfather was a former Congressman so he could be recognized and always wanted to look his best. 

I think we have lost the art of dressing up everyday and I wish we could go back to a time when everyone made an effort to look presentable whether at the grocery store or dropping the kids off at school.

When you look good, you feel good and people will treat others differently based on appearance. 

Do you like to stand out from the crown when you travel or go to the store? Do tell!

Have a great week, welcome and thank you to my new followers!

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  1. So true - we have become so casual, haven't we? I usually try to put on something presentable when I go to the grocery - but I have sadly fallen into the habit of popping in on my way home from the gym - ugh! I really need to change that.