January 30, 2013

GOTTA HAVE THESE!!! Its back with ETSY...

Hello blog world! Well, no luck with trying to sell my fabric...I'm disappointed and hope that someone somewhere will need this fabric for a refresh or brand new pillow or curtain...on another note, I am thrilled to bring back my favorite column that enables me to scour the web for cool deals. Hope you have a great week!
No need to look anywhere but ETSY for your decorating (and other!) needs...I love my daily Etsy updates.  Check out my three choices:

I know this is a little unusual, but if you want your feline to 
look THIS chic, get this KoogaTree Natural British
Sheepskin for that special cat in your life for about
$73.00 - 

How cute and cozy does this cat look?? Love it -

I adore this Scottish style cozy pillow - I can't resist 
plaid can you? Go here for this pillow - $42.00

From the same store, check this out - I love black and white-
always classic and it mimics animal spots - $40.00

If you need a moodboard, suggestions or help with decorating a room,
bathroom or kitchen, please contact me for assistance - I have reasonable
rates and can help via email.

1 comment:

  1. The black & white pillow reminds me of a Dalmatian. Don't those cats look comfy on the fluffy pillow?