March 30, 2013

Fashion inspiration...Vera Wang...

I recently bought a Vera Wang top and I was thrilled as I've been looking to buy something from her petite collection at Kohl's for ages!  It is a multi-colored top with an asymmetrical neckline which gives it a unique and slightly edgy design. One of the things I love about it is the mix of colors, which got me thinking about how it would influence the colors in a room. I'm sure we have all thought about this, when you buy a piece of clothing what do you love about it? I think Domino magazine used to do a feature on clothes/rooms.  So here is my interpretation of how you could use this top to design a room:

(image by me)

(image by me)
Hopefully you can see the colors here - it is 
brighter than it looks with lots of yellows, greens,
reds and pinks and hint of teal -

I LOVE this TETRIS lamp! This is my favorite example -
I love all the colors here - 

All images from my PINTEREST boards -

Do you have a piece of clothing that could influence the design of 
a room for a client or in your own house? 

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Have a great Easter!!


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  2. I have got to get more color into my wardrobe! I look in my closet and all I have is black, gray, brown, and beige - ugh...your new top is inspiring! I haven't been into Kohl's in awhile so I'm going to have to check it out. (I wish Vera made more petite versions of her regular size collections - I always see the best stuff there).

    Have a great Easter!

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  4. That dress does look great even though it is a little hard to see. And love the round of spaces. Very inspiring.

    Ali of

  5. Sometimes you can find some really good deals on the Vera Wang items at Kohl's.
    Happy Belated Birthday Sarah!