March 3, 2013

What do you love about this kitchen?

Hello blog world, its Sunday and I'm resting at home trying to get rid of this nasty old cold.  I thought I would pose a question today for this picture of a lovely kitchen. What do you like about it? What draws you to it, if anything?  What is the first thing you notice? What words would you use to describe it? Just some things to think about as you decide what you may or may like about this kitchen.  Have a great Sunday!

What do I like? Well, the rustic cabinets with the metal, white,
baskets and blackboards all seem to mix together so well in 
combination with the dark floor.  I love the whitewashed look of
the cabinets as well as the regular stove, not some fancy
Wolf range. Its a very down to earth kitchen don't you think? I also
love that the island is a simple table, not an overdone, fancy 
cabinet that seems to be in every renovated kitchen with granite
countertops.  It is a bit French country no? Original, quirky, unique are what 
come to mind to describe this kitchen. Whew! What do you think?? 
I would love
to hear from you!!

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  1. I like that kitchen, Sarah! It has charm. I sure hope you're feeling better. xx

  2. The chalkboards propped up on the shelving caught my eye immediately. I also am intrigued by the open metal shelving unit - I'm not sure I could keep it organized & presentable though! French Country -yes!