October 28, 2013

7 Top Ideas for Being Crafty & Playful for the Bedroom!

7 Top Ideas for Being Crafty and Playful for the Bedroom
Make your bedroom fun and cheerful by getting creative and crafty!

Please welcome guest blogger Jessica Christian from 4 Interior Design blog in the UK!! 

She has some great ideas for adding some fun and unique decorating tips for the bedroom. Please let us know what you think and which idea might be a good addition for a client's home or your own home. 

Unique lighting

Invest in some unique lighting for your bedroom. Create your own unusual lamp shades, designed to cast pools of light and shade on your walls, or even featuring cut out circles, triangles and other shapes. Light does not have to be standard white light anymore, there are colour LED lights on sale at most hardware and home furnishing stores. These allow you to 'paint' with coloured light, creating a wonderfully playful effect in your bedroom. 




Wall Art
Wall art no longer refers to just paintings, and photographs. You can find or make 3D pieces of art for your room. Once finished and installed on the wall these textured pieces can give a room a wonderful depth, making them excellent for brightening up plain or dull walls. Many shops sell 3D artworks, but they are relatively easy to make, with paper mache, paint and patience! For wall art and wall stickers I always prefer Wall Stickers website or Urban Walls.


Bean Bags are In!
Bean bags are all the rage this season for stylish yet quirky bedrooms. Invest in a ready-made bean bag in colours that match your bedroom, or make your own using remnant fabric and polystyrene pellets. You can even find a storage bean bag that you fill yourself, with clothes that you do not need at present – for example summer clothes in the winter!


DIY Furniture
Purchase some modular furniture and have fun rearranging every day! This furniture looks like giant-sized building blocks and you can endlessly make and remake your furniture configuration, changing the look as many times as you like! Modular furniture adds a delightfully fun and childlike air to any room, making it great for all ages, from toddler to pensioner!



Faces It All
It may sound ridiculous but put faces on your furniture! Large stickers, self-adhesive googly eyes or even carefully drawn or painted faces instantly brighten up any room, adding a touch of whimsy to the atmosphere. Even the back of your bedroom door is a great place for a crafty face as you will be the one who sees it the most – almost as your bedroom is looking out for you and watching over you as you rest and sleep! For comfortable bedding options my utmost personal favorite is Yorkshire Linen Company's website.


Food Inspirations

Delicious cupcakes, velvety chocolate and even colourful pizza can all be part of your bedroom! Not only can you get your bedding covered in pictures of your favourite foodstuff, you can even find cupcake storage units, chocolate table and chairs and even pizza and lollipop cushions! While perhaps not the best idea if you are trying to diet, food-based d├ęcor is very popular at the moment, especially with teenage girls and young women.  The photo below is one example:

(image) + davidelfin

Neon Geometric Designs

Bright neon colours and unusual geometric shapes are perfect to add difference to any room. Make or buy funky lampshades, angular furniture and distinctive bedroom accessories. If this sounds a little too dramatic for your tastes, you can still add that unique mystique to your bedroom by choosing vibrant and unusually patterned bedding! With the great range of styles and fabrics available you are sure to find the perfect playful look that will make your bedroom pop!

Be sure and visit Jessica and her blog here for more inspiring design ideas!! Thank you Jessica for contributing today to start the week out with a BANG!!

Enjoy your week and thank you for stopping by!

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