December 7, 2013

The way it was...Country Living 2007...favorite house...

I have kept this issue of Country Living for one piece - the home of Theresa Smith in Kentucky, who transformed a double wide (28 x 72 foot) mobile home into a fabulous home.  Not only is the kitchen nothing like a cookie cutter kitchen, she painted the whole place white with the exception of her office done in bright red.  I love it when people take something so ordinary and turn it into extraordinary. I have photographed the best here and still love to look at this piece for inspiration. You will too -

Issue from June 2007

Who needs a McMansion?? This has 4 bedrooms
and is 2,016 square feet - Theresa ordered it with
as few walls as possible to keep it light and airy

I still can't believe this is the living room! Fabulous!
Theresa's ingenious use of wood, lino, crystal, metal and marble
is unlike anything I have seen -and the pediment is so unusual
here above the sofa instead of curtains. None of the
windows have curtains, they have metal swirly things (I
have no idea what they are called!!)
Theresa is the master mixer of textures -

This kitchen is so unique - Theresa Smith had all the standard
cabinets taken out and put in her own idea of what would work
here such as a retail shop table and antique vintage cabinets-on the
right shows her collections of white antique ironstone and the
industrial sink and faucet - notice the metal all over mixing
with the wood (note the window above the sink and
the decorative metal accent used as 'curtains')

Close up of the fab kitchen details-she also added an outdoor
wire metal table with glass top and chairs for eating

The red office and details on the left of  the sun room on the
above right; note an actual front porch here!! So cool -

The master bedroom in all white with superb use of textures here
giving the room a truly vintage feel - metal, glass, pearls, marble
crystal and her grandmother's collection of beads, pearls, hats and bags

Theresa's husband Craig makes and sells
candelabra's like this one shown - so unique

Close up of the bed and side tables

(all images photographed and edited by me)

(original images Keith Scott Morton)

(original article written by Jill Kirchner Simpson)

Would you do a transformation like this? Could you?
I would LOVE to live here - what are your thoughts?
Design DO or DON'T?

Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Cool! Enjoyed seeing this! What a transformation!

  2. This is a mobile home? Wow - I would never have guessed! Although it isn't my aesthetic it's amazing!

  3. I have some back issues of Country Living too - gorgeous character and such a sweet home!