February 17, 2014

Jayne Mansfield's Pink Palace...

Happy Monday Bloggers!  You may have noticed my recent OBSESSION with Polyvore...I just love it and the freedom it gives you to be really creative with a post or moodboard.

For something completely different today, I want to show you the home of 1950's screen siren Jayne Mansfield. The home was known as the Pink Palace and was very photographed and well known in her heyday.  The accompanying pictures are from a 1960 layout in LIFE magazine.  Jayne was married to Mr. Universe 1955, Mickey Hargitay.  The home was later owned by Ringo Starr, Cass Elliott and Engelbert Humperdinck but, was unfortunately demolished in 2002.  You don't find many homes like this these days do you??  Let's discuss the design details, some of which are relevant today as you will see.

The plush living room with cool purple
sofas, white shag and accented with gold.
The mansion had a total of 40 rooms.
I love those sofas and in another color
would still be fabulous. 

Since 'Orchid' is the color of the year, this
pink color is similar and in the same family
of color. I believe the house was on Sunset
Boulevard in Holmby Hills. The Mediterranean
style home epitomizes the Southern
Cal movie star home.

Mickey at the grand piano of white + gold; note
 the colorful throw pillows and Jayne above on a
balcony in a gold gown. 

Look how timeless this is!  The gallery wall
which has been SO popular the last few years;
love her outfit.

Jayne adored pink and hearts - note the heart
shaped fireplace with gold mirrored walls and
another shot of the California cool living room.
White with pops of color - so in style today. 

This a really sumptuous room - note the bear
(literally) rug - animal rugs are in style now
and the super mod chair which looks custom.
The ceiling looks mirrored. Lots of metal accents
in the house as well, note the doors above.

Mirrored headboard, black satin, pink walls and
Jayne living up to her sex symbol image; this
room could have done with some more furniture.
Note the decorative candles above the bed.

This is so over the top, I don't know where
to begin! the gold fixtures, marble vanity top and
pink shag rug which covers the walls and ceiling!
Even the lipsticks are staged to match the hardware. 

Let's not forget the heart shaped tub!
Sweet boudoir chair next to the tub; note the
mod hanging lamps.Would you carpet your
bathroom like this?

The FAMOUS heart shaped pool in the back of
the  property with two small decorative hearts
in the pool.  It was built by Mickey, who
had been a plumber and carpenter.

Note the statues and 'I love you Jayne' in the pool;
Mickey and Jayne posing in the pool.

(images LIFE )

Its interesting to note that Jayne bought the property
from Rudy Vallee and wrote to suppliers for a lot
of the furniture.  She received a lot of it for free. 

Thoughts? If you have never seen this property before,
it is a must see now.  Its too bad it was demolished,
it would have been a great place to visit.

If you don't know, Jayne and Mickey's daughter is
actress Mariska Hargitay who has been the star of
"Law & Order" for years.  Mariska was in the back
seat of the car with her two little brothers when
Jayne was driving and tragically crashed into a truck
and died in Louisiana in 1967.

Click on the names
For more information about Jayne Mansfield;
Mickey Hargitay and Mariska Hargitay.

Go here for more detailed info on the home.

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