July 6, 2012

Photography and editing...

So, I had to replace photo editing with Picnik since they closed shop and I just found Fotoflexer a few days ago. Have any of you tried this?  I just edited three photos I want to share with you. One features fabulous blogger, Anne Harwell's print that I purchased and framed. You may recognize it - I have another one I will share soon too when I have mastered this Fotoflexer. What do you think? 

I featured this the other day, but wanted to edit it - I think it 
looks better now -

My yellow chair is REALLY yellow and I tried to 
highlight this - the pillow looks fab with it!

This has the 'Lomo-ish' effect that I love - note the Anne Harwell
print - Ginger Jar - and my little stuffed animal from
childhood named 'Fluffy' - I love him!

and you can just see my 'House of Eliot' DVD that I am 
totally obsessed with...I wish I could dress the way
the women did in the 1920's...so chic with hats and gloves 
all the time...the other print is an antique shop find...

Hope you all have a great weekend! I will be back!


(images by me for Monaco Interiors)

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  1. Very cool, Sarah! Thank you so much for the kind mention. You're the best! xx