March 9, 2013

Saturday in the kitchen...

What do you love about this kitchen? What don't you love? The sun is finally shining here in Maine so I will be out and about today. After all the snow, its going to be refreshing to feel warmer air and sunshine, I am so ready to kick old man winter to the curb!  I want to know what you might do differently in this kitchen or if you would leave it as is.

What do I love? The blue color is fabulous and I love it mixed with the black
and white. The yellow is also a punchy addition as is the tile backsplash in 
the same blue, black and white. I also like the darker cabinets and the mix of
textures in the room. Anything you would change or keep? Do tell! 
Have a great day!

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  1. As you know, I love window seats - so that is what I love here! Blue and black is an interesting color combination.

  2. Hello from Toronto,

    Visiting from the BYW class.


  3. I like the addition of yellow as an accent color. And I'm definitely ready to give Winter the boot too!

  4. Definately the window seat, its so cozy!!!

  5. Hello, fellow BYW student!
    It looks like kitchen but not really :) Mirror, rug, cozy window seat... If that was intentional I'd go even further and get rid of that splashback which I really don't like in here. What do you think?
    xox, Wioleta