November 9, 2019

The Power of (White) Paint...

It has been so long since I have been an active blogger, so I'd like to aim for one post a week that is vaguely interesting.

I have owned about 10 different homes and a lot of my photos are, the real thing, taken way before instant uploads.

I wanted to share a couple of before and after photos of the kitchen in one of my previously owned homes.  My former husband and I didn't have a load of money to spend, so we just made small cosmetic fixes that looked great without breaking the bank.  We also painted the bathroom door white, which is in the last photo. The walls were newly wallpapered, though I didn't care much for the floor, we left it as is.  My staging skills aren't what they are today, so you will notice lots of 'stuff' I didn't get out of the pictures.  When in doubt, paint it white!!

Please note it looked great in person!!  ;-)

The 'Befores' are all above the 'Afters' -

(photos by monaco interiors)


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