March 16, 2010

Blenko Glass Company...

Thought I would write about a little bit of Americana and what better than the iconic Blenko Glass Company in Milton, West Virginia? My mother had the Spring Green Water Bottle on display in our living room when I was a child and I always loved it. Years later, I spied it in a store and bought it as a wedding present for friends.

William J. Blenko founded the company in Kokomo, Indiana in 1893 having left the East End of London where he was born and learned the art of glassmaking starting at age 13.  He came to America in 1893 to start a business selling stained glass windows.  The only countries manufacturing the glass at that time, were Germany, France and England. Thanks to William's entrepreneurial spirit, the company has continued to flourish.

This is still true today - his family has kept the company going and I like to think that supporting American-made products never goes out of style.  You can even tour the facilities in Milton, WV at Blenko's Visitor Center.

Aren't these gorgeous? and very affordable!

Bravo Pitchers ($100-$170)

Fire and Ice Vase ($200)

Blenko Water Bottle ($42)

For more information, visit

Which one would you like for home? (my favorite is the Water Bottle)

(images: various google, Blenko Glass Company)

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