March 13, 2010

New Blog Obsessions...

Currently I have five new blogs I am checking out daily and find utterly inspiring...I have added 2 blogs to the list as honorable mentions. Here are my new daily obsessions: - check in with this talented Italian whose opinions, photos and blog are as unique as she is...a really fun read! - Brooke is a very talented fashion illustrator whose work is gorgeous and she even gives you tips if you want to try drawing illustrations yourself. Her work is available for purchase too. - follow the very talented Australian artist Kaili as she goes back to school and showcases her beautiful art work. - read the writing and musings of Paola, a transplanted Brit living in Seattle; her commentary is funny and quirky and you can shop in her online boutique. - Raina is a wonderfully talented stylist, with a great job, whose inspirational journey is documented via photos with snippets of her life too.

Honorable Mention: - this is a well-known blog in the world of design, but new to me. I love Jennifer's aesthetic as she showcases designer's homes and her own fabulous graphic design business available for purchase. You can shop on her site as well. -  Amy is a writer who lives in Brooklyn and shares her enthusiastic journey through life with photos and a unique perspective. You can feel her energy when you read her words.

Please take some time to check out these wonderful blogs from around the globe and make connections, leave comments and say hello. Bloggers love feedback!! Happy reading!


  1. thanks for the great mention- your blog is looking great.

  2. Aw, thanks so much for the blog love! I really appreciate it. P.S. Loving the changes you've been making! It's looking gorgeous around here...xo