March 7, 2010

Ode to orange...

I spotted some gorgeous orange lamps at a store recently and haven't been able to stop thinking about how great they would look either side of my bed. My bedroom is decorated in blue and white and I have a Van Gogh print above the bed: "La Chambre de L'Artiste" i.e., 'Room of the Artist' or 'Artist's Room' (if I remember my school French) which has pops of orange on the bed and table.

The lampshades are a crisp, fresh white. Orange isn't an easy color to live with, but, I think they would look fantastic. Do you? Would you ever use orange or is it too much?

(lamp courtesy of - Robert Abbey 22 3/4" Pumpkin Orange Ceramic & Bronze Lamp - price $156.91).

PS: I have done 'spring cleaning' on my blog and changed the whole look - do you like it? It was perhaps too 'busy' before and I wanted a 'cleaner' look. I will be adding new features this month that will highlight what the blog is about. I hope you stay tuned and stop by to visit!


  1. I LOVE!!! the new layout!

  2. Beautiful design and layout of your blog, I love it!