June 8, 2010

Chair Challenge...

Moving day will be here soon enough and with that, new designs, new furniture. Looking for new chairs? Look no further for some great deals online...below are some random chairs I would love to own...modern, traditional, graphic, you name it, Overstock.com has it...browsing through the site, you can find any style...

Love the gray and white...Roxbury Bisque Floral Chair

Would yellow go better? Angelo: Home Harlow Arm Chair

A touch of the exotic with zebra print...Zebra Print Oval Back Chair

Ultra cool white leather...Pomona White Armchair

Totally traditional checked fabric...Angelo: Home Harlow Houndstooth Brown Check Chair
Which one would you prefer? For some great pricing and furniture choices go to http://www.overstock.com - happy hunting!!
(images from overstock.com)


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