June 7, 2010

Pillows Before...and After...

My husband kept telling me he didn't like all the pillows on the couch and when ever someone (him!) went to sit down he would pile them on the floor. I started wondering if maybe he was on to something - after all, House Beautiful wasn't coming in to photograph the place...maybe I should think outside the box. So here below, is the 'before' revamp of the living room...too many pillows?? what do you think?

Below, after the revamp with color redesign and only three pillows. I prefer only three now...it looks fresher and less crowded. Plus, in one of the new House Beautiful issues, a designer suggested using only three pillows on a couch.

Have you had to make this decision? I loved all the colors together before, but pared down, I think it looks better. One must go with her/his instinct in the end don't you think? Do share your tips and thoughts. I would love to hear from you dear readers!!
(images by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)


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