June 3, 2010

The Green Scene...Airstream Living...

Ok, someday I would love to own an Airstream camper...for fun, as an office in my backyard or just a cool place to hang out. What a great way to reconfigure an old camper and make it new again! Andreas Stavropoulos brought this 1959 Travel Trailer back to the modern age and has made it his home -- tucked into the back yard of a Berkeley, CA co-op. DWELL magazine did the feature last year on this little gem.

Love the old license plate...

Office, kitchen and bedroom...

Andreas built the cabinets around the original stove...genius...the backsplash is a piece of aluminum he "texturized with a ball-peen hammer."

Storage for clothes, track lighting and that wonderful green paint!

And the little sheepskin rug to keep the feet warm...could you live here? would it be enough room? It certainly brings new meaning to 'living within your means' - I think its very creative and smart and I love these campers!
(original images by Mark Compton for Dwell Magazine)


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