July 21, 2010

The Green Scene...Tin Roofs...

I have been looking at tin roofs and loving the look of them.  I have a summer cottage that I am seriously thinking about putting a tin roof on. Not only do they look fantastic, they come in all kinds of colors, are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and weather resistant. These roofs have passed tough hurricane codes in Florida and Texas.

The graph above, courtesy of Atlantic Metal Roofing (http://www.thenewtinroof.com/), shows how well the roofs reflect the sun and will help the homeowner keep the cost of cooling the entire house down.  The roofs are Energy Star Certified and will save you up to 40% on your heating and cooling costs. Plus, you can get a $500 tax deduction from the government.

These roofs are also environmentally-friendly as they are made up of between 20% and 60% recycled material...asphalt roofs absorb a large amount of solar energy which can create smog formation and ozone. Asphalt also creates a huge (about 7.5 million tons) amount of waste that has to go in landfills. Because the tin is so durable, it will last for years, cutting back on consumption of materials that will turn to waste. I'm convinced, how about you?

(image courtesy Atlantic Metal Roofing)


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