September 9, 2012

Fashion runway to home...

Fashion trends this season according to In Style magazine, include florals and black + gold. I wanted to show you how you can easily translate this from the runway right to your home.  First up is the floral frenzy - everything floral with bright colors on dresses, handbags and shoes. This can easily move to the home by adding wallpaper with bold and colorful flowers or fabrics that scream 'look at me' on a chair. Would you add this floral decor in your home? It is kind of like a 'shabby chic' on caffeine!

On the runway:

To Home...

The second trend as seen in 'In Style' mag is black and gold.  Now I love black + white, but, this color combo definitely offers a little more glam and a little more chic to the usual combo.  I found some decorating inspiration for both your wardrobe and your home:

On the runway:

To Home:

I love the black and gold and have seen a lot of it in Jen's apartment over at Made by Girl - I love her style.  I wear a lot of black and white and to refresh my look, I can always add gold jewelry to perk up the outfit and as a great accent.  

Will you be updating your wardrobe to include either of these trends?  I would probably add a colorful scarf to an outfit instead of floral head to toe - I am petite and I'm afraid it would overwhelm my small frame!

Have a great week! 

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  1. The chair with the suzani pattern and then the one with the leopard and gold - love!

  2. I tend to shy away from bright colors - because like you i'm very petite, so I'm trying to update my neutral wardrobe with just a little color. I'm more comfortable with blacks, grays, and browns. A bronze tone would be so cool!