August 4, 2010

Annechovie commission...

This is a beautiful rendering of my family's lake house in New York that I commissioned Anne Harwell to paint for my father's 80th birthday - I contacted her a month before his birthday in late May, and even though she was moving and lost her grandfather, she was able to paint this from four different pictures I sent!  I am truly thankful to her and needless to say, my Dad just LOVED it!  The house has been in my family since about 1900 and it has NEVER been Anne's portrait is the first!! I found a nice walnut frame to match the colors of the house...thank you again Anne and don't hesitate to contact her for a house or pet portrait!!

PS: My Dad and other members of my family knew who Ernie Harwell was, as they are avid baseball fans, so that was an added bonus as well as her orange chair featured in "Its Complicated" !!

(image by Sarah for Monaco Interiors from original art by Anne Harwell)

Visit to see more of Anne's work and visit her Etsy shop -


  1. I have several of Anne's works and they are so amazing!! This work of art is so special!

    Giveway is on my site!

    Art by Karena

  2. Love Anne's work. Your commissioned piece is gorgeous!