August 31, 2010

The Green Scene...100% Wool Rugs...

Pradeep Woven Runner

One of my favorite stores is the World Market and after looking at this beautiful kilim rug, I still can't believe the price. Better yet, it is flat woven by hand in a remote village by weavers and has all natural fibers and dyes.  It is easy to clean and looks expensive.  Guess how much? Would you believe it is on sale for less than $120?? wow! Go here for more information.

(image by Decor Freak)

(image by The Great Rug Hunter)

This rug is made using 'traditional techniques that have been passed down for generations.'  I love that materials are still made this way and have not been replaced by a machine don't you? Is this a rug you would put in your kitchen? or would you consider it too 'dressy?'  Would you prefer it in a hallway? I think that is where I would put it, either upstairs or downstairs. What do you think?

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