November 30, 2010

Laila...the fragrance...

A co-worker just came back from Disney World in Florida and while there, visited Norway in Epcot.  She wandered into 'Laila the Essence of Norway' store and met the creator of the fragrance, Geir Ness. He autographed a picture for her and she came away with some samples.  The fragrance smells very fresh and "doesn't fade, because it mixes in with your skin's oils."

The fragrance is a mix of "Norwegian wildflowers as well as as some fruit fragrances such as watermelon."

Are any of my Scandinavian friends familiar with this perfume? Have you heard of it or visited the store in Epcot?  I will be wearing it tomorrow...

For more information about Laila, Geir Ness and Norway, go here



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