December 3, 2010

Dream house...found...!

Ok, I was slightly obsessed with my hand built (in Vermont) doll's house when I was little, so I was thrilled to see this in the new issue of Elle Decor this month.  I had to look it up and of course, blog about it enjoy!

The Emerson House - Mode Doll's modern dream home complete with LED lighting, mitered-glass corners, fireplaces and solar panels!

Oh! and it comes with sliding glass doors...

And check out those fab wood floors!

The Bennett House...

This is the Bennett House and will be available in spring 2011...

Influenced by the De Stijl movement, this is a townhouse that has solar panels, elevator, a rooftop pool and LED lights powered by the sun or moon...large windows show the 'weight and thickness of the structure.' The house 'emphasizes lines, squares and rectangles in asymmetrical patterns while minimizing color.' Is that a sparkling chandelier I see in the living room above???

Another view...the attention to detail is gorgeous...notice the glass railings...

This is too can also purchase furniture for both houses - all modern and all made with non-toxic materials so it can be enjoyed without harming people or the environment...

By the by, my little doll's house had real carpet in the living room, each room was wallpapered and lace curtains hung in every window...oh how I loved it and still do...though, it is in storage and I must get it out soon to refurnish it! It is purple with green trim - hmmm, maybe I should repaint it???

For more information about these amazing structures including cost go here - maybe someone special on your list will get one of these??

(Designer: Tim Boyle)
(Images Brinca Dada)


  1. These are simple amazing....I would like one for me! xv

  2. These are cool, Sarah! So glad your pkg. arrived! Have a wonderful weekend. xx