November 18, 2010

Oh deer!...

On my lunch break today I was browsing through fabrics in a local store and found this Lee Jofa "Antler" fabric marked down to $6 for 9 yards...whoa...I couldn't believe it.   I found myself drawn to it and will go back to buy it. I was thinking it would look great on the sofa at my family's lake house...and it goes along with my obsession for wanting antlers - I have been looking high and low for something I might like and found tonight on sfgirlbybay's blog (go here.) Victoria is featured in Pure Green magazine, a new online green living magazine and the antlers (pictured below) are one of her holiday picks.

Antlers available here - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Letterpress etched coaster available here as well...

Do you like antlers and the deer motif? or any animal motifs? Do you have antlers hanging in your home? If you are looking for some great ideas for Christmas or Hanukkah, check out Haus Interior - they have great stuff! Hope you all have a great Friday!!

(images - 1 John Bessler for Veranda; 2 & 3

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  1. That's great fabric! I do have antlers.. I love them! xoxo

  2. I love the antler motif! I would love to have a cabin with chairs done in that fabric - it will look fantastic at your family's lake house.

  3. Thanks for the comments Sarah's!!! I'm so bummed, the fabric is gone now...I called the store because I wouldn't get back until Wed...:(( ugh, I will have to see if I can find it somewhere!!

  4. Another Sarah! That's a bummer about missing out. How frustrating! Have a great weekend :)