November 16, 2010

Finally...another royal wedding...!

Well, its finally happened after much speculation...Prince William will marry Kate Middleton next spring or summer somewhere in Britain.  The couple attended a friend's wedding last month and they certainly looked very relaxed and happy together...

They are very photogenic...

This is where they will live in a remote part of Wales...I love seeing their digs, don't you??

Here is a rendering of their house (!) - though, no details have been disclosed as it is to be kept private for obvious reasons...

The couple today after announcing their engagement. I love that Kate's dress matches the very familiar (to those of us who were around the first time it was worn) oval sapphire and diamond engagement ring that Prince Charles gave to Lady Diana in 1980 (or was it 1981?) is William's way of keeping his mother in on the 'excitement' since she isn't here in person...I thought that was sweet.

I will look forward to this spectacle as I have on 4 previous occasions...Diana & Charles, Andrew & Fergie and then Edward & Sophie and Charles & of luck to them on their new journey - I hope they will have a lot of privacy, but somehow I doubt it...I'm also looking forward to Kate's wardrobe and her transformation - that will be fun! Are you looking forward to the wedding? or do you not follow any royalty?

(photos courtesy the Daily Mail)


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