March 7, 2011

Crane & Co...the art of writing...

I was lucky enough to have Crane & Co. wedding invitations, which are absolutely beautiful and I have since loved all their correspondence cards. My mother also got me monogrammed cards to send thank you notes for my wedding gifts (I still have them). My favorites are the folded note cards and I have chosen a few to show you still write cards? In this age of email, taking the time to write a message on a beautiful card speaks volumes.  Which is your favorite??

I love the little Dachsund but am partial to the animal print cards too...

For more information and to purchase any Crane & Co. cards, go here -



  1. Aw, nice cards... My fave is the firs one from top: cute! And yes, I do still write cards!

    Thank you so much for reading Daily Suze. You're my friend of the day!

  2. Crane is the American classic for correspondence. Love those orange notes, esp.! xx

  3. Sarah--thanks for your comment on my grasscloth pursuits! Glad to hear you've tried it and it worked out well for you. Did you find it easy to hang? I'm hoping it goes up quickly--I'm impatient and want the beautiful results quickly!

  4. Lovely stationery! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  5. All so pretty - I love the ones with the bird, dog & castle...very whimsical! :)