March 8, 2011

Indikoi sinks...made in New Hampshire...

Are you looking for a bathroom sink that is truly unique and a showstopper? Check out Indikoi Sinks that are hand-made in New Hampshire in a 6,000 square foot facility. If you want a gorgeous vessel or undermount sink for your home or commercial facility, you can choose from four distinctive styles and colors. Whether you choose the Classic or Metro, the sinks in all of the series are especially beautiful as each is so unique because of the glazing process and will add the 'wow' factor to any bath design. I have highlighted some of the sinks here, but, for more information about how the sinks are created and to inquire about purchases, please visit here or send inquiries to The pictures will speak for themselves...

Classic Ivory Crystal

Classic Patina Crystal

Classic Sky Crystal

Metro Sky Crystal

A Metro sink highlighted on a shabby chic style dresser

U Style Indigo

U Style Patina Crystal

A selection of sinks

The Indikoi Sinks facility in the hills of New Hampshire

David Pellerin, the owner and artist at work creating one of his beautiful sinks

David and his wife Brandi run Indikoi Sinks and offer four distinct styles: the Classic, U Style, Modern and Metro - all are versatile, unique and appropriate for both residential and commercial projects. 

Thanks for visiting me - please check out Indikoi Sinks for your home, office or restaurant project today!!

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