April 25, 2011

New wall treatment...!

Yesterday, as I had "Nights in Rodanthe" playing on the TV with Richard Gere and Diane Lane, I decided to get cracking on my new wall treatment from "Urban Walls."  Because I rent my house, I can't put up wallpaper but wanted to make one wall in my bedroom a focal point. So, here is my project in steps:

First, I dusted the wall; excuse the mess in the pictures, I had emptied out a drawer in my bedside table, which is another project in progress that I will show you another day...

Clean wall to the right of the bed...

And clean wall to the left of the bed...

I cut out all the shapes (24 of the large and 36 small, I think) so I could prep them with tape on the wall...

I pretty much randomly decided where they would go. I didn't have as many of the larger shapes, so I decided to put the smaller shapes all over in between - if that makes sense, but you will see...

Here is the right wall with the shapes taped on temporarily.

Another shot of the temporary shapes taped to the walls...

So, during the movie I removed the backing carefully, stuck it on the wall, and then gently pulled the top piece off after smoothing with a credit card...

Voila!! the finished product! Once the backing is removed, the dark turquoise blue really stands out against the pale wall (which is not white, but more of a creamy white) -

I LOVE the way it looks! like wallpaper!
Fuzzy shot...

I decided to put the "Keep Calm" poster back and love the way it looks surrounded by the 'stars' -

I have more work to do in here...I need new lamps and I'm in the process of painting some furniture that will remain in the room. I also need a new comforter and new curtains - IKEA has the curtains I am lusting after...but, it may be a week or two before I can get there - by the way, I liked the movie and love how my wall looks!! Best of all, these can come off the wall with no damage whatsoever. I found 'Urban Walls' on Etsy through Jen's blog, Made by Girl.  I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!!

(images by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)

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  1. This is such a beautiful and harmonic space. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too, soon.


  2. love this wall treatment you'v js done. such a great idea!! it does look like a wallpaper. amazing:)


  3. That looks amazing...love the color!!

  4. Very well done! It looks gorgeous! Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx