July 10, 2011

Spaah on Sunday...

Well, after some kerfuffle and irritation with blogger, I am hopefully able to post my column. I tried yesterday, but was unable to. So, with that being said, Sunday is a great day to soak in a tub and I thought I would highlight the fabulous Canadian company, Bain Ultra. Their Tekura thermomasseur bath is a beauty to behold with several different designs to fit different spaces and color schemes. Tekura means 'taking care of yourself' and with this tub, that is what you'll be doing! I have a client who purchased it in white, but you can get it with a stainless or wood surround that is magnetic so you change them if you need to. The 'Tekura' can be freestanding, installed in an alcove, as a drop-in or undermounted. So, here it is -

These tubs have heated back rests, you can add chromatherapy and music - the world or the spa, is your oyster. I would love to have this tub to soak in every night...how about you?

Hope you all have a great week ahead! Thanks for visiting me here again, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!! For more information about these tubs and the Canadian company, Bain Ultra, please go here .

(images bainultra.com)

If you need help making your bathroom into a spa that you love to go in every day, please contact me at monacointeriors76@yahoo.com and I will help you achieve this goal!

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  1. Beautiful tubs. I'm not a bath person, more of a shower girl, both those tubs could convert me:)