September 4, 2011

Its all black and white...

Well, my little break is nearing the end, just one day left so I am relaxing and surfing the net.  My last post was a room designed by the man who goes by the moniker, 'Mr. Color' and if you get his latest book, you will see why. Carleton Varney loves color and his designs are, simply, exuberant.  I have quite a bit of black and white clothing, so I am immediately drawn to the rooms he did in this lake house.  Do you design the way you dress?  Are you inspired to look in your closet and translate those colors, if any, to a room design? Its a great idea if you are stuck on trying to decide what color to paint a room or fabric colors to choose.

Though these rooms have just two colors (except for the kitchen that has the red cushion), I love the patterns and textures he chooses.  Mr. Varney also has a collection for HSN (go here) which is a more affordable retail line that includes curtains, cushions and furniture.

I hope you all enjoy the Labor Day! Relax!
Thank you to my followers and new followers, I appreciate your support as always!! xx

(images Mikkel Vang for House Beautiful)

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  1. I love that bathroom - the mirror looks so pretty how it blends into the wallpaper background!

  2. I love decorating with black and white. So sharp and crisp, one really notices the textures created by the contrast. Yes, I tend to dress in neutrals and decorate my home in the same tones. It's interesting that we often dress and decorate in similar color palettes.

  3. Such a timeless and beautiful the first image!!