November 13, 2011

Spaah on Sunday...again...

I couldn't resist showing you the tub I had in my hotel room in Quebec. This is a Bain Ultra tub that is an experience, with air bubbles, aromatherapy and chromatherapy. For total wellness, relaxation and therapy for the mind and body, look no further than the Bain Ultra products. 

This is the Pro Meridian tub with air bubbles and chromatherapy, which is light therapy; red for stimulation, blue for calming etc. 

Another setting with the Pro Meridian...

I tried both the Calm and the Energy oils - both wonderful. The Calm is great at night to help you relax before bed and the Energy is a mud bath and very stimulating before a night out.  The Energy has a very strong aroma of pine! For more information and to purchase a tub go here - Bain Ultra is the originator of the thermomasseur or air bubble tub, made in Canada. Bain Ultra also has a blog - go here for some more inspiration.

Hope your weekend has been great!


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