January 31, 2012

Gotta have these...

Following up on my post about the Evil Queen/Regina's office, I have chosen items that correlate to her aesthetic.  A white leather sofa as a change to the usual black, graphic rug and animal-related wall art. I love a white sofa and leather would be easy to clean!

IKEA's Karlstad sofa in white leather is $899.00

Ballard Design's Greek Key Indoor/Outdoor rugs range in price, but a 4' x 5'7" is $49.00.

Ballard Design's Antlers by Suzanne Kasler offers five designs each for $49.00.

(images ballarddesigns.com + ikea.com)

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  1. I still can't decide what I think about horns - real or faux. Love the collection of them on the wall- but then they just seem so, sharp? Guess that's why they're good for an evil Queen!

  2. I wish we had Ballard Designs in the UK and Restoration Hardware. Still, at least we have Ikea. ;-)