March 27, 2012

Gotta have these...

I am a big fan of QVC and I won't deny that I watch more than I should! They have so many things to buy and what is better than shopping online? Its convenient, quick and fun. Plus, they offer easy payment plans, so you don't have to pay all at once. Here are three items I think are fab - see what you think:

Great rug for a children's room in beautiful purple:

Royal Palace rug 5x7 for $215

Dooney & Bourke Janine Tote: gorgeous bag for $228.00 - great for spring!

I love houseplants and for design, they add green to a room and are good for the air: this is 'Roberta's Braided Money Tree with Hawaiian Magic' - how's that for a title?? From Cottage Farms for just $23.12...


Are you having a good week so far? I hope so! I am going on a trip very soon - can't wait for a vacation...

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